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Our Amazing Student Chapters at the ACI Convention in Cincinnati

26 Oct 2019 11:30 AM | Deleted user

Please join us in congratulating the University of Maryland ACI Student Chapter in placing 12th out of 50+ schools around the globe in the FRP Composites competition! They also placed 6th against the US teams. This is an outstanding feat and the students worked very hard after hours in labs and brainstorming sessions to come up with an optimal mix design and construction for their beam.

The FRP Composites Competition is where students design, construct, and test a concrete structure reinforced with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) to achieve the optimal load-to-cost ratio, predict the ultimate load, and predict the load that will result in a piston deflection of 3.5 mm (0.14 in.).

Also, this was the first year that students from the Howard University ACI Student Chapter attended an ACI Convention, so congratulations in taking such a great leap forward into immersing yourselves into this wonderful concrete industry and taking the initiative to attend!

Thank you to all of the mentors and NCCACI members for helping our student chapters grow, learn and be successful in our industry!

For more information about becoming a FREE Student Member of ACI, please go to https://concrete.org/membership/studentmembership.aspx

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